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For All Fabrics Detergent

Caring for all your clothes doesn't have to mean another high-maintenance relationship. Simply use WOOLITE® For All Fabrics Detergent in your washing machine. Our WOOLITE® formula has no harsh ingredients. WOOLITE® won't cause shrinking, stretching or fading. So wash your clothes with WOOLITE® For All Fabrics Detergent in your machine to help keep them looking like new for longer.

Currently Available In:
50 oz., 75 oz., 150 oz.

For All Colors Detergent

Now you can safely wash all your colored clothes with confidence in one single load without sorting before washing. WOOLITE® For All Colors Detergent cares for your clothes in two ways — its new ColorCare® cleaning formula helps prevent fading while the unique Dye Magnet™ ingredient absorbs and traps loose dyes in the wash to help protect your clothes from color bleeding effects.

Currently Available In: 50 oz.

For All Darks Detergent

Don't let the excitement of your dark jeans or top fade over time. WOOLITE® For All Darks Detergent is specially formulated to help maintain the life of your dark and black clothes. The Dark Care formula won't cause fading, so it's perfect for washing your black t-shirts or your slimming dark colored pants. Go ahead, wash your darkest clothes right in the machine with confidence.

Currently Available In: 50 oz., 150 oz.


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